Victories are ephemeral. The bar finally comes down to complete the four lines that you’ve painstakingly constructed. But then… they just blink and fade away, leaving you with scattered squares, empty holes and bricks raining from the sky in an ever increasing hail of geometry and madness. That’s what Tetris taught Adam Jones when he was 8 years old. Since then he has learned most of his life lessons from video games, television, movies, RPGs and LARPs. Eventually, experiencing media was no longer enough to satisfy his primal urges, and he began to create it as well.

What began as establishing elaborate backstories for his action figures turned into short story writing – and is now taking shape as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for his friends at Stellar City Geeks and all the beautiful people who live in the Internet. Forged in the flames of bad DMs, problem players and inconvenient scheduling, Adam Jones has arisen as a true Master of Dungeons. The sound of rolling dice is as the tinkle of a fairy’s wings to him and the hard-earned tears of his players are as ambrosia.


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