Mose is a nine-to-five "IT Guy", who spends the vast majority of his time playing video games on various platforms, composing and producing EDM (electronic dance music), and building content on YouTube as a Moto-Vlogger. His gaming career spans nearly 25 years, and includes every major system since Atari 2600. No game is too bad (except maybe Two Worlds) for him to try, and he enjoys finding the good in every game. His specialty is MMORPG's, and more specifically, Free-to-Play MMO's, where has logged thousands of hours over the years.

It wasn't until 2008, that he was introduced to table-top games, though he had experience using the system from various PC game ports. His main focus on content creation is bridging the gap between creators, and hopes to accomplish a strong network of builders and entertainers, creating a symbiotic, mutually beneficial, and fluid relationship on and surrounding YouTube. He will be heading up Creator Relations, and his job will be to collaborate and cross-promote with other YouTube Creators. Second to that, he brings his experience in music, sound engineering, and his limited experience in content creation, to the Table.


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